Review Time ! Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

today's review is Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

haha.. i know.. it's kind of a oudated..
but still.. better late than never xP

actually the lens' design is a bit different from the original..
that doesn't mean Geo Princess Mimi Fake, because Bambi series only sold in japan market and pricey
Geo remake it to be sold internationally
that's why it's affordable and cheaper than Bambi Series.

Geo Bambi Series designed by Masuwaka Tsubasa, a japanese model
and very much well-known among beauty bloggers

AngelColor Bambi Series in Chocolate Brown specificatons :

Diameter : 14.2mm
BC : 8.6mm
Water Content : 38.5%
Lifespan : 1 month after opening
Price : 4,980円

it's bambi series, the original, i love the chocolate color
it's kind of hazel color from a far though
IMO Bambi Series much more expensive, even though Bambi series bit more vibrant.

Geo Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown Specifications :

Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year disposal
Price : varied. US$10-35

here's mine

argh.. unique pattern.. creative !

see the difference?
ya.. 15mm lenses are big..  no kidding..

both lenses in

with artificial lightning
gorgeous huh?

with flash

and under natural lightning..
aaaa so good.. i love it :3

camwhoring~ with artificial lightning from a far


Color/Design 8.5/10 : good good good.. from a far it's good.. really.. it's like your natural eye color and it's noticeable too ! but when close up, it looks fake even though it didn't make your eye balls pop out. great color !

Comfort 7.5/10: good enough.. wearable 6-7 hours. prolonged it with a few drops of contact lens eye drops and voila, your problem gone. from the pattern, i thought it's thick but when i wore it, it's thin. unbelievable.

Enlargement 9/10: yeah sure.. you can see from the photo, it did enlarge my eyes..

Price 10/10: affordable.. really.. i bought Geo Princess Mimi for only US$10 include shipping from a local seller.

overall 8.5/10: RECOMMENDED ! it's like wow.. blah, i can't say much, just try it for yourself.

thanks for reading !


  1. I'm so in love with this lens XD
    thanks, follow you back already :)

  2. @cominica a yes yes.. i read your review.. me too.. it's good haha.. btw, if i add disqus, it your comment will not visible.. that's weird --"