Personal : almost new year..

Hi readers..
time goes by so fast and time passes so quickly
it's almost new year 2012 and that means 2011 almost over..
*i feel it was just yesterday welcoming 2011*
are you happy?

(photo was taken new year 2011, spent new year 2011 with my friends)

i feel like that photo was taken 'yesterday'. it was yesterday, wasn't it?
personally. 2011 is a very unforgettable year for me..
happiness, sadness, misery, wrath, ennui and other feelings..
people go in and out of my life
a lot of unforgettable things happened in 2011.

what about you? today is the last day in 2011..
what would you do?
as for myself, i don't know.. :)



Christmas Mini Haul: Lip Smacker

hi everyone..
today is Christmas Day in my country..yey..
ya hoo..
Merry Christmas to all of you !

so today's post, i'm going to show you what i got for this Christmas..

i got collectable lip smacker and assorted lip smacker

clockwise : Lip Smacker Season's Favorites Totable Lip Collection, Original Vanilla, M&M's, Sparkle Gumdrop Pop.

disclaimer:  Product purchased by my own money for my friends as a gift and for myself as daily use purpose. all opinion in these entry all my 100% honest opinion..  

here better view of Lip Smacker Season's Favorites Totable Lip Collection
(L-R): Sugar Plum Party, Gingerbread Cookie, Winter Berries, Candy Cane Celebration, Gumdrop Pop

look at them.. soo cute.. a polar bear.. gingerbread man, reindeer, SANTA CLAUS, and a liliput? lol an elf..

first, Lip Smacker original in vanilla.. the scent is not 100% vanilla though..
the scent is so so.. somehow i smell an unpleasant scent.. dunno what..

next.. Lip Smacker M&M's.. look at the cap.. reminds me of the chocolate.. lol

 there are 4 colors actually.. blue, green., yellow, and red. no matter what color you choose, the flavor is still milk chocolate..
i pick red because i love red..
the scent is.. chocolate ! it's a real chocolate.. i love chocolate >< that's why i bought these..

 next Lip Smacker Sparkle Gumdrop Pop..
it's a shimmery lipgloss.. with a bubble gum scent..
well i don't really fancy the scent.. imo, sorry to say, it reminds me of my friend's car air freshener..
 actually the gloss is fine.. but the scent is a lil bit disturbing..


the seller said that these lipgloss was similar to anna sui's.. well i have no clue about anna sui's --"
so i can't compare the two of them.. rose vs bubble gum?

next Lip Smacker Gingerbread Cookie
i like the scent.. it smells like the name..

and Lip Smacker Candy Cane Celebration
despite the name 'Candy Cane', the scent, it's more like cookie or cake?
but i like it.. i'm currently using these one..

my opinion about these one 
+ it keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized.
+ stays for long time.. 3 hours?
+ upon application you will feel a cooling sensation which will fades away sometime after application.

- Hard to get in Indonesia.. because of it, it's kinda Pricey..

and one more thing.. they are colorless.

well then. i have to wrap the 3 lip smackers which are Sugar Plum Party, Winter Berries, and Gumdrop pop for my friends..


how about you guys? ever tried lip smackers yet? what flavors are they?
let me know ya on the comment box below ~



Review : Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK1

hello everyone.. sorry late post..
it's been a super busy week.. i just get my chance to write and post it today -.-"
my holiday will only have 10 freaking DAYS ! while others enjoy a month?
arrrgh.. holiday in 10 days.. and with a lot of assignment to do :(
.. bla bla bla ..
skip my babbling...
actually i have some post to do.. well.. i'm working on it~

so.. as for today, i'm just going to show you about this eyeliner..

the packaging..
Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK1 comes in a burgundy/red wine tube.. with gold roses imprint on it..

description :

KISS ME Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eye Liner is a 0.1mm thin brush type liquid eyeliner

long lasting, tear proof, sweat proof, waterproof, and smudge proof!!

It is highly durable, but easy to remove with hot water. 
The high quality brush can draw ultra fine line easily, and you can change the thickness of the line as you wish!

it contains Camomile extract and Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract for moisture. 

Color: Pure black

the brush.. love it..
it's the finest and thinnest tip i've ever worn.. lol
and then shake before use..
easy to use :)

as you can see.. it gives a deep black color.
and you can adjust thin lines or thick lines..

i did a rub test, i tried to rub it like 6 times and i was rubbing it very hard.. and it ended up like that..
it fades.. but you won't rub your eyes that hard right?

please excuse my dead straight eyelash --"
i use brown pencil liner before use liquid liner..

so smooth and thin.. love it

lol.. i can even drew a char on the back of my hand with precise lines..
see how thin 0.1 mm is?

okay. so here's my face condition..
i have a very very oily face.. but not acne prone..
and i have an oily eyelid too.. and plus i have watery eyes too..
 nothing can hold up to 12 hours..

when i applied it without any base, the eyeliner on inner and outer corner of my eyes creased off  :(
and then i tried to put on a primer.. voila.. perfect..
but still.. it creased off.. but not too extreme compare to bare eyelids..
i love wearing eyeliner~

so IMO

+ easy to use
+ create a smooth line !
+ long lasting
+ not flaky
+ easy to dry

- hard to get in Indonesia


btw, i'm dying to buy kji&co 24hours eyeliner injection..
what about you? do you love to wear eyeliner?
let me know what you think about Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK1
thanks for reading ~


Disclaimer: i am not sponsored nor paid by the company stated above. Product purchased by my own money for review and daily use purpose. all opinion in these entry all my 100% honest opinion..


Haul and Swatches: Etude House

hello everyone..

so, i've been busy for the past few days.. University life :(
i'm just going to show and give information to you about what i got from the bazaar last friday at UMN (The University i attended).

in that bazaar, Etude House was participated and when i saw their price list, i was so tempted.. in USD around US$2 each? OMG LIPSTICKS, EYESHADOWS, POLISHES..
yeah.. you might be aware of fake products, but they were having a clearance sale.. and they are official so i don't really mind..

here their price list was

Lipstick : Buy 1 for $2.20/Rp.20k
buy 2 for $3.30/Rp.30k

Polish: Buy 1 for $1.90/Rp.15k
Buy 2 for $2.20/Rp.20k

Eyeshadow : Buy 1 for $1.90/Rp.15k
Buy 2 for $2.20/Rp.20k

Powder : Buy 1 for $4.40/Rp.40k
Buy 2 For $7.70/Rp.70k

it's Freaking cheap.

it's Etude House's old package still under Étude name..
the etude Viviade Lipstick.. so much like Kissade Lipstick O.O
so, i got myself Listicks, polishes, and eyeshadows.

what i got?
Étude Viviade Lipstick : BR301, BR305, RD101
Étude Jewelade polish : WH703, OR206, 02
Étude Eyeshadows (first row) : BL535, BL526, BL534
                            (second row) : YL830, PP932, GR645



Étude Viviade Lipstick
 BR301: a soft rosy pink color with brown undertone.. it's a PERFECT color for my dark lips..  love it!
BR305 : a rose pink color with brown undertone and with a faint golden shimmer..
RD101 : bright and classic red lipstick.. cool undertone? i love it.. totally..

it moisture my lips.. and the texture is light with satin finish

Étude Jewelade polish
WH703 : sheer shimmer white color with small rainbow glitter
OR206 : Sheer Nude Shimmer color.. love it
02 : rainbow glitter polish with red sparkles.


BL535 : Shimmery Deep Blue with glitter (in real life, it's more darker)
BL526 : Shimmery pale cornflower blue with white glitter
BL534 : shimmery sky blue with white glitter

Étude Eyeshadows
YL830 : yellow shimmer eyeshadow.. best for highlighter..
PP932 : purple shimmer eyeshadow with white glitter
GR645 : Moss green shimmer eyeshadow with white glitter

so, the eyeshadow looks promising huh?
they're very pigmented.. but.. here's the result if you transfer them on your hand.

lol..they're not so pigmented.. the eyeshadows are too powdery..
it fades quickly.. it does not long last.. :(

you might be wondering why i only bought 3 lipsticks and 3 polishes instead of 4 lipsticks and 4 polishes, well my friend joined me, she bought Viviade BR301 and jewelade 01.. cheaper in that way.. LOL
 anyway, other colors are pink, purple, which i don't really like..


thanks for reading~
so, let me know what do you think about them on the comment box below~


Update : Garnier Color Naturals in 5 Light Brown

late possssttt..
here an update of garnier..
almost 2 weeks ago i dyed my hair
and here's after i washed my hair like 7 times..

(all photos taken under outdoor lightning)

see the difference? yeah.. it's slightly lighter in color after a week..
like i said before.. it's not the color i want it to be..
good bye ashy brown.. @_@
and welcome reddish brown :)

thanks for reading~





Dec 2011 Giveaways !

First from Y U K L U I

The British Christmas Giveaway Featuring Sleek, MeMeMe, MUA

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Second from Makeup Monologue

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ends 31st December 2011

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Third from Sheilla's blog
One winner will receive Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black and Dollywink Eyelashes Case.

Open to everyone in the world
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ends 31st Dec 2011

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Fourth from Sparkle Apple
 Luview's Mega Giveaway! Win 2 Luview Products + 1 Angel T-Shirt

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ends 25th Dec 2011

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Good Luck !

Review : MI (Magic Image) E229 Wine Red

review review..

i know.. it's a bit late to post this but, i just want to share it with you :)
i've been drooling this lens since.. i don't know.. since i saw these lens on Gothic & Lolita Bible autumn 2009 maybe.. forgot.
ooohhh god.. i can't handle myself when it comes to japan products -_-"

(taken from Gothic & Lolita Bible 2009 Autumn)

see the lens model wearing?
so natural looking lenses.. and they even have the gold one..
it's under Venus Eyes
and here's the japan specification

Dia: 14.0 mm
CT : 0.08mm
BC: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Life span: 1 month

after long time searching for these lens, luckily i read gaia online and there they talked about Kiwiberry's MI wine red.. i was just like.. OMG.. i have to buy this lens no matter what..
then last year, i bought this lens from Kiwiberry1 Collection for 17USD? (newcust and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE at that time !! *event*) and they have prescriptions! it's rare to have a natural red color circle lens with prescriptions.
i opened them last month.. i wish they last forever ! LOL
enough blabbing..

and here it is.. 

sorry blur picture.. don't know why my camera can't focus..

here.. my camera back to normal after i opened the vials.. weird -_-"

here better view of the lenses
the color looks deep purplish red.. Wine Red.. haha

with artificial lightning
here's lens in.. a bit enlarge my eye in a natural way.. it's only 14.0 in diameter.. 

indoor lightning
it blends well.. i love it..

outdoor lightning

with flash (dig cam)

with flash (cellphone) the color shows up..

from a distance.. natural looking lens :)

camwhoring~ with artificial lightning

silly me ~.~

i didn't do anything with this picture.. but the color shows up nicely..

so IMO

Color/Design 9/10: love the design.. it blends nicely.. and the color, i love it.. i love maroon colors..

Comfort 7/10: good enough.. wearable 5-6 hours.. and then they dried out and i have to use my contact lens eyedrops..

Enlargement 6/10: did not enlarge that much..

Price 8/10: affordable cos i didn't have to pay the shipping.. LOL.. but if  i had to pay the shipping, i would.. it's a rare circle lens and it's in my wish list.. so, i have to own one..

Overall 8/10: it's rare, natural red circle lens, affordable.. what's more? if you like red lenses, you have to own this.. since i set an eye on this lens, so i recommend MI Wine Red to you.

Disclaimer: i am not sponsored nor paid by the company stated above. just want to share where i bought cheap and great products.

thanks for reading..
let me know what you think about MI Wine Red on comment box bellow~


Review and Swatches : NYX Round Lipstick

hi guys
you must have heard about nyx right?
yeah their products extremely cheap and affordable
they offer a great pigmentation too!

here's about nyx round lipstick

(taken from http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/)

list of ingredients as well..
omg.. 144 shades.. and yet i only own 4 of them --"

NYX Round Lipstick

i love black cherry and orange soda in real life..
i have a dark lips so, IMO
BLACK CHERRY is a deep red wine and i love it.. totally love it! it can brighten my face..
DOLL is a not too pink and not too red. i don't really like it on my lips. the colour turns out to be darker on my lips..
TEA ROSE is a nice pink and it's natural pink actually.. but i don't really like it.. the colour turns to have a hint of blue? i wonder why..
ORANGE SODA is a nude peachy orange.. i love nude lipstick coz it brighten my lips..

my bare lips.. dark lips --"

(all taken with artificial lightning)

see the black cherry? i wonder why my skin turned to olive --"
i don't really like both doll and tea rose.. they don't suit me..
well i bought them 2 months ago about @US$3.. cheap right?

so IMO


• Cheap
• Great Pigmentation
• moisture my lips
• Creamy, shiny, glossy


• not long lasting.. around 2 hours and you have to reapply it
• smells like chemicals and plastics.. which i don't really care
• not stiff enough so that i broke 3 of them --"

Repurchase? sure, why not? i want to buy NYX round lipstick in Bruised and almost black..

well, what about you? what do you prefer nude, natural or dramatic lipstick?
as for me, nude and dramatic deep red lipstick