Review : MI (Magic Image) E229 Wine Red

review review..

i know.. it's a bit late to post this but, i just want to share it with you :)
i've been drooling this lens since.. i don't know.. since i saw these lens on Gothic & Lolita Bible autumn 2009 maybe.. forgot.
ooohhh god.. i can't handle myself when it comes to japan products -_-"

(taken from Gothic & Lolita Bible 2009 Autumn)

see the lens model wearing?
so natural looking lenses.. and they even have the gold one..
it's under Venus Eyes
and here's the japan specification

Dia: 14.0 mm
CT : 0.08mm
BC: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Life span: 1 month

after long time searching for these lens, luckily i read gaia online and there they talked about Kiwiberry's MI wine red.. i was just like.. OMG.. i have to buy this lens no matter what..
then last year, i bought this lens from Kiwiberry1 Collection for 17USD? (newcust and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE at that time !! *event*) and they have prescriptions! it's rare to have a natural red color circle lens with prescriptions.
i opened them last month.. i wish they last forever ! LOL
enough blabbing..

and here it is.. 

sorry blur picture.. don't know why my camera can't focus..

here.. my camera back to normal after i opened the vials.. weird -_-"

here better view of the lenses
the color looks deep purplish red.. Wine Red.. haha

with artificial lightning
here's lens in.. a bit enlarge my eye in a natural way.. it's only 14.0 in diameter.. 

indoor lightning
it blends well.. i love it..

outdoor lightning

with flash (dig cam)

with flash (cellphone) the color shows up..

from a distance.. natural looking lens :)

camwhoring~ with artificial lightning

silly me ~.~

i didn't do anything with this picture.. but the color shows up nicely..

so IMO

Color/Design 9/10: love the design.. it blends nicely.. and the color, i love it.. i love maroon colors..

Comfort 7/10: good enough.. wearable 5-6 hours.. and then they dried out and i have to use my contact lens eyedrops..

Enlargement 6/10: did not enlarge that much..

Price 8/10: affordable cos i didn't have to pay the shipping.. LOL.. but if  i had to pay the shipping, i would.. it's a rare circle lens and it's in my wish list.. so, i have to own one..

Overall 8/10: it's rare, natural red circle lens, affordable.. what's more? if you like red lenses, you have to own this.. since i set an eye on this lens, so i recommend MI Wine Red to you.

Disclaimer: i am not sponsored nor paid by the company stated above. just want to share where i bought cheap and great products.

thanks for reading..
let me know what you think about MI Wine Red on comment box bellow~

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