Christmas Mini Haul: Lip Smacker

hi everyone..
today is Christmas Day in my country..yey..
ya hoo..
Merry Christmas to all of you !

so today's post, i'm going to show you what i got for this Christmas..

i got collectable lip smacker and assorted lip smacker

clockwise : Lip Smacker Season's Favorites Totable Lip Collection, Original Vanilla, M&M's, Sparkle Gumdrop Pop.

disclaimer:  Product purchased by my own money for my friends as a gift and for myself as daily use purpose. all opinion in these entry all my 100% honest opinion..  

here better view of Lip Smacker Season's Favorites Totable Lip Collection
(L-R): Sugar Plum Party, Gingerbread Cookie, Winter Berries, Candy Cane Celebration, Gumdrop Pop

look at them.. soo cute.. a polar bear.. gingerbread man, reindeer, SANTA CLAUS, and a liliput? lol an elf..

first, Lip Smacker original in vanilla.. the scent is not 100% vanilla though..
the scent is so so.. somehow i smell an unpleasant scent.. dunno what..

next.. Lip Smacker M&M's.. look at the cap.. reminds me of the chocolate.. lol

 there are 4 colors actually.. blue, green., yellow, and red. no matter what color you choose, the flavor is still milk chocolate..
i pick red because i love red..
the scent is.. chocolate ! it's a real chocolate.. i love chocolate >< that's why i bought these..

 next Lip Smacker Sparkle Gumdrop Pop..
it's a shimmery lipgloss.. with a bubble gum scent..
well i don't really fancy the scent.. imo, sorry to say, it reminds me of my friend's car air freshener..
 actually the gloss is fine.. but the scent is a lil bit disturbing..


the seller said that these lipgloss was similar to anna sui's.. well i have no clue about anna sui's --"
so i can't compare the two of them.. rose vs bubble gum?

next Lip Smacker Gingerbread Cookie
i like the scent.. it smells like the name..

and Lip Smacker Candy Cane Celebration
despite the name 'Candy Cane', the scent, it's more like cookie or cake?
but i like it.. i'm currently using these one..

my opinion about these one 
+ it keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized.
+ stays for long time.. 3 hours?
+ upon application you will feel a cooling sensation which will fades away sometime after application.

- Hard to get in Indonesia.. because of it, it's kinda Pricey..

and one more thing.. they are colorless.

well then. i have to wrap the 3 lip smackers which are Sugar Plum Party, Winter Berries, and Gumdrop pop for my friends..


how about you guys? ever tried lip smackers yet? what flavors are they?
let me know ya on the comment box below ~


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