Haul and Swatches: Etude House

hello everyone..

so, i've been busy for the past few days.. University life :(
i'm just going to show and give information to you about what i got from the bazaar last friday at UMN (The University i attended).

in that bazaar, Etude House was participated and when i saw their price list, i was so tempted.. in USD around US$2 each? OMG LIPSTICKS, EYESHADOWS, POLISHES..
yeah.. you might be aware of fake products, but they were having a clearance sale.. and they are official so i don't really mind..

here their price list was

Lipstick : Buy 1 for $2.20/Rp.20k
buy 2 for $3.30/Rp.30k

Polish: Buy 1 for $1.90/Rp.15k
Buy 2 for $2.20/Rp.20k

Eyeshadow : Buy 1 for $1.90/Rp.15k
Buy 2 for $2.20/Rp.20k

Powder : Buy 1 for $4.40/Rp.40k
Buy 2 For $7.70/Rp.70k

it's Freaking cheap.

it's Etude House's old package still under Étude name..
the etude Viviade Lipstick.. so much like Kissade Lipstick O.O
so, i got myself Listicks, polishes, and eyeshadows.

what i got?
Étude Viviade Lipstick : BR301, BR305, RD101
Étude Jewelade polish : WH703, OR206, 02
Étude Eyeshadows (first row) : BL535, BL526, BL534
                            (second row) : YL830, PP932, GR645



Étude Viviade Lipstick
 BR301: a soft rosy pink color with brown undertone.. it's a PERFECT color for my dark lips..  love it!
BR305 : a rose pink color with brown undertone and with a faint golden shimmer..
RD101 : bright and classic red lipstick.. cool undertone? i love it.. totally..

it moisture my lips.. and the texture is light with satin finish

Étude Jewelade polish
WH703 : sheer shimmer white color with small rainbow glitter
OR206 : Sheer Nude Shimmer color.. love it
02 : rainbow glitter polish with red sparkles.


BL535 : Shimmery Deep Blue with glitter (in real life, it's more darker)
BL526 : Shimmery pale cornflower blue with white glitter
BL534 : shimmery sky blue with white glitter

Étude Eyeshadows
YL830 : yellow shimmer eyeshadow.. best for highlighter..
PP932 : purple shimmer eyeshadow with white glitter
GR645 : Moss green shimmer eyeshadow with white glitter

so, the eyeshadow looks promising huh?
they're very pigmented.. but.. here's the result if you transfer them on your hand.

lol..they're not so pigmented.. the eyeshadows are too powdery..
it fades quickly.. it does not long last.. :(

you might be wondering why i only bought 3 lipsticks and 3 polishes instead of 4 lipsticks and 4 polishes, well my friend joined me, she bought Viviade BR301 and jewelade 01.. cheaper in that way.. LOL
 anyway, other colors are pink, purple, which i don't really like..


thanks for reading~
so, let me know what do you think about them on the comment box below~

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