Review : Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK1

hello everyone.. sorry late post..
it's been a super busy week.. i just get my chance to write and post it today -.-"
my holiday will only have 10 freaking DAYS ! while others enjoy a month?
arrrgh.. holiday in 10 days.. and with a lot of assignment to do :(
.. bla bla bla ..
skip my babbling...
actually i have some post to do.. well.. i'm working on it~

so.. as for today, i'm just going to show you about this eyeliner..

the packaging..
Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK1 comes in a burgundy/red wine tube.. with gold roses imprint on it..

description :

KISS ME Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eye Liner is a 0.1mm thin brush type liquid eyeliner

long lasting, tear proof, sweat proof, waterproof, and smudge proof!!

It is highly durable, but easy to remove with hot water. 
The high quality brush can draw ultra fine line easily, and you can change the thickness of the line as you wish!

it contains Camomile extract and Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract for moisture. 

Color: Pure black

the brush.. love it..
it's the finest and thinnest tip i've ever worn.. lol
and then shake before use..
easy to use :)

as you can see.. it gives a deep black color.
and you can adjust thin lines or thick lines..

i did a rub test, i tried to rub it like 6 times and i was rubbing it very hard.. and it ended up like that..
it fades.. but you won't rub your eyes that hard right?

please excuse my dead straight eyelash --"
i use brown pencil liner before use liquid liner..

so smooth and thin.. love it

lol.. i can even drew a char on the back of my hand with precise lines..
see how thin 0.1 mm is?

okay. so here's my face condition..
i have a very very oily face.. but not acne prone..
and i have an oily eyelid too.. and plus i have watery eyes too..
 nothing can hold up to 12 hours..

when i applied it without any base, the eyeliner on inner and outer corner of my eyes creased off  :(
and then i tried to put on a primer.. voila.. perfect..
but still.. it creased off.. but not too extreme compare to bare eyelids..
i love wearing eyeliner~

so IMO

+ easy to use
+ create a smooth line !
+ long lasting
+ not flaky
+ easy to dry

- hard to get in Indonesia


btw, i'm dying to buy kji&co 24hours eyeliner injection..
what about you? do you love to wear eyeliner?
let me know what you think about Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK1
thanks for reading ~


Disclaimer: i am not sponsored nor paid by the company stated above. Product purchased by my own money for review and daily use purpose. all opinion in these entry all my 100% honest opinion..

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