Hoyu Beautylabo whip hair color in Silky Ash

late post sorry.. my computer messed with me -.-"
my post this time is about hair dye and it's from hoyu. it's called beautylabo.


Beautylabo Furi Furi Whip Hair Colour comes in a 18 different shades. i got mine silky ash. because i'm so in love with ashy colour and silvery hair color.

okay. so i dyed my hair about 2 weeks ago with beautylabo, prior dyeing my hair i bleached it first with Makarizo bleaching powder and 30vol developer. i bleached my hair *only 1 time* about 3 weeks ago, so i can treat and let my 'fried' hair rest for 1 week.
here's the bleaching result

 (under sunlight)
 please excuse the uneven bleached hair. as you can see it's orange.. if you know dangdut group singer 'Trio Macan', my hair looked like one of them. scary...

it looks different with flash.. it looks yellow

and here's the beautylabo package.. my mom mistook it as an ice cream..lol..
 top row(L-R): pair of gloves, instruction leaflet
bottom row(L-R): shaker(the bottle is the shaker), agent 1, agent 2/powder color, after color conditioner.

how-to-use and before and after.

the thing you need to do is put on gloves, after that mix agent 1 and agent 2 into the shaker
after that shake it for 30times. and voila..

it looks soooo whippyyy.. i hate the smell! strong ammonia. i hardly breath.
and the things i realized is that you need to use it ASAP, cos if not, the whip will 'melt' to be water again..
and the other thing is it's blue-based hair colour.. as you know blue kills orange, vice versa.

here's the after

 (under sunlight)

 it's hard to capture the real color.. as you can see, they're yellow, orange, ash in the same time. it's not kill the orange, but i was so surprised with the result.

 (under natural lightning)

 this photo almost look the exact color but its still not the real color.

 (with flash)

 looks yellow and there's still orange left there..

(with flash)

ah here's the better photo of the real color.. ashy blonde and I LIKE IT. well i want more silvery hair.. but i think it's impossible with only 1 time bleaching process.

so overall i like it but i hate the smell and it's a bit pricey i think..
hmm and also it 'fried' my hair.. yeah strong ammonia.

so what you guys think about beautylabo?
have you tried one?

thanks for reading~~

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